About the Artist

As a painter creates his work of art with brushes, paints and canvas I use a digital camera, computer and a printer. For the past 25 years, as a commodity building material buyer, I have made friends all across North America. Some of these people I have never personally met and most I see infrequently. With the advent of the digital camera and the Internet I have been able to share part of my life with them through my pictures. Of course I have sent pictures of family, friends and vacations, as most people do, but the topic of most of my pictures is nature. I have the unique opportunity to live on a lake (Cross Lake) and even more so to live on an island (Pine Island). Having an unobstructed view to the East and West I get to see some fabulous sunrises, sunsets and full moons. It is these pictures that first brought attention to others an artistic ability that I was unaware of having. As a young boy being born and raised primarily in Texas I wanted to be a cowboy. I had and still have a great love of horses and the outdoors but I could not follow my dream of being a cowboy 'cause I never liked cows. Loving the outdoors and traveling has afforded me more opportunities to extend my art topics to water falls, virgin forest, country roads, coastal scenes, ranches, wildlife, flowers and all things in nature that hold a special beauty to me.

This site exists because of phenomenal support of my art form from family, friends and even some strangers that have had a chance to view my pictures. It is with their urging that I have decided that my pictures deserve to be shared with all.

Charles L. Zube